Unable to Connect

Screenshot 2019 10 09 at 14.15.19

The BioGateway is continuously communicating with our servers to formulate and execute your queries. If you get this error, make sure that you have a working and stable internet connection, and that it will allow outgoing connections on port 80, which is the default HTTP port. You can test this connection in the browser by going to When successful, you should immediately see a message saying “Successfully connected to BioGateway REST endpoint”. If connecting takes more than 2 seconds, the App will assume that the connection failed. Even if you eventually get the “Successfully connected …” message in your browser, your internet connection might be too unstable for the App to function properly. 

The “Connection reset” error while searching for relations is also related to network issues. This can be caused if the computer loses its internet connection or goes to sleep while executing a query.

If connection issues persist even though you have a stable working internet connection, please contact us.